Sicko Tortures Cat By Severing A Limb & Discarding Her Body To Bleed To Death

Some cases of animal abuse are incredibly repulsive but we hope by sharing these stories that people will act and get the word out to prevent future cases, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Fiona Loh of The Loh Cats and Dogs posted a disturbing case of animal abuse to her Instagram account recently. She was at the cattery when a call came in from the SPCA about a feline in critical condition.

Warning: The photos are blurred but may be disturbing.

Sadly, the cat did not survive but the circumstances surrounding her death must be shared. The cat’s mutilated boy was found in a pool of blood and one of her limbs was severed. That limb was located a short distance from the body. Fiona rushed to the scene, but once there the cat was unable to be located. Town Council in Singapore, where the incident occurred, washed the bloody scene and kept hold of the body.

Along with photos of the cat, Fiona wrote, “If you don’t like the cats, just walk away, don’t hurt them. What sort of human would actually even do this? I shudder thinking what you would do to humans you don’t like.”

While Fiona was on the scene, she found another cat near the scene, so she rescued her. They are hoping to find the culprit soon, and we hope they can do this and punish the person to the fullest extent of the law.


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