Restaurant Owner Prepares A Free Meal For Every Stray Dog Who Visits

Over five years ago, an unexpected customer called into Gerardo Ortiz’s restaurant.

It was a stray dog, with a look of hunger in her eyes. When Gerardo Ortiz took a look at the poor dog, he decided to help her out.

Whilst she sat outside patiently, Gerardo offered the dog a free meal – made especially for her!

From then on, this loveable tradition continued on till this day.

Each evening after receiving her first meal the hungry dog continued to return and eat a free meal from Gerardo’s restaurant.

However, it was not long until more hungry friends also paid a visit to Ajilalo. Before Gerardo knew it, the word that he was feeding stray pups had spread far and wide within the local area.

More dogs began to arrive with that first visitor— and Gerardo welcomed them all with a tasty meal.

These days, multiple stray dogs visit the doors of Ajilalo each night to receive a free meal.

Most of these dogs are regular ‘customers’, whilst others are often also first-timers – with the hope that Gerardo’s food will fill their bellies with his amazing food.

Often when Gerardo is in his restaurant, he looks up and see’s a new dog’s new face and the front of his store – waiting to see if the rumors are true about his generosity.

“They do not pay us with money, but they pay us with their happiness and wagging tails.”

“They are very grateful, and we enjoy giving more than receiving. Since I was a child, I have loved animals. My mother always taught us to help others, both people and animals. She’s my inspiration.”

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