Intelligent Dolphin Keeps Coming Back With Gifts For Humans From Bottom Of Ocean

We all know dolphins as being among the most intelligent marine animals in the world, and here they seem to demonstrate this.

Mystique the humpback dolphin keeps coming back with gifts from the ocean to swap with food.

He brings the gifts to the volunteers at the Barnacles Dolphin Centre in Queensland, Australia. These are anything from stunning corals to aged bottles.

The center was closed during the covid lockdown last year, speaking to Bored Panda, staff at the center said:

“Mystique is doing well, keeping the pod in line, but it’s quite clear that he is missing the attention from the public, he has been a big show-off the past few weeks.”

Also that “when he brings something in that he will get lots of praise and attention, then a fish to say thank you.”

He is the only one of his pod of seven who brings gifts and is a “very intelligent and gentle soul, but is also slightly mischievous.”

His choice of gifts ranges from shells to coral and old bottles from who knows when.

“He brings us in all sorts of things like planks of wood, corals, old glass bottles, sea sponges, and rocks, ranging in all sorts of shapes and sizes.”

“He had always brought us gifts, but only since the lockdown closure has he been bringing in multiple gifts each morning.”

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