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Hσrse’s Life Falls Aρart When He Turns Blind & They Said He Shσuld Be Put Dσwn

Morgan Wagner had known Endo the horse ever since she was a young girl, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When her grandmother told her that she could keep any horse she wanted from the stable, she instantly knew Endo was going to be her lifelong companion.

But things soon went downhill for Endo when he developed a condition known as “moon blindness”. His eyes were watery and infected and he was in pain all the time. On top of that, he had also developed glaucoma and cataract.

Morgan couldn’t see her beloved horse suffer so much every day. After the medicines failed to work, she decided to get Endo’s eyes removed permanently. Many horse rearing experts advised Morgan to put the horse down, but she knew a horse as smart as Endo would fight and adjust to being blind.

However, Endo’s complete blindness rendered the horse’s previous training completely useless. Morgan had to start over with Endo. She taught him to find his hay and water, and then slowly began training him for various competitive obstacle courses. Once Endo got the hang of his new life, there was no looking back!

Today, Endo does everything with his sharp sense of smell and training. He has travelled with Morgan to compete in various races in Canada, Las Vegas and Texas. He leaves the crowd enthralled with his amazing balancing act and precision of skills. Endo is truly an inspiration to us all. Go Endo!