Elephant Shares Her Food With Birds Having A Hard Time Eating It

Faa Mai is a kind and generous elephant. When she noticed a flock of birds having a hard time opening her food she decides to share some with them.

The elephant notices the birds huddled around some neatly packed pockets of rice and banana. She comes over and squishes them with her feet and is then joined by Thong Ae and the two enjoy a snack.

You might now think “Faa Mai wasn’t really sharing with the birds.” But the caregivers at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for rescued elephants in Thailand, explains that Faa Mai didn’t need to break open the packets, she broke them open on purpose. And the two elephants were shooing the birds away because they simply don’t like to be interrupted while they eat.

“It may seem at a glance that these elephants are unwilling to share food with the birds. But that would not be accurate. It is just that they don’t want to be disturbed by the birds while they are eating.”

“Notice Faa Mai who comes upon the neatly packed packets of rice and banana. The birds were having a hard time opening them. Faa Mai and Thong Ae could have simply eaten the packets, but she broke them open, knowing that rice would be spilled for sharing when they had eaten some first.”


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