Adorable Husky Picked Out Her Very Own Kitten To Bring Home From Shelter

Meet Little Raven, a sweet Tamaskan husky pup who needed a new friend that she could grow up with


His human momma Christina knew that she couldn’t just pick a best friend for him, instead, she took Raven to a shelter to do it herself!


“I had always wanted a dog and a cat to grow up together. It’s been like a life goal,” her owner Christina tells The Dodo.


“I wanted them to be able to get along well, so I wanted her to actually meet the cat and have the cat get along with the dog as well.”

When they were at the shelter, Raven seemed in no hurry to choose her new best friend, after all, she was still a puppy.


Little Raven was shown four cute kittens, out of them none showed much interest in her except one, a little furball named Woodhouse.


That day, Woodhouse not only gained a new forever home but also a forever best friend in the form of Little Raven.


One year later, and the pair are still inseparable, “They are perfect with each other.”


They do everything together, and lend a hand where possible. They help to clean other, and love taking naps together.


They really love napping together!


“They don’t cuddle as much as they used to when they were a puppy and kitten. But they’re still always together, always playing together.”


They even have joint birthdays and celebrate them together!

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