Young man returns home and discovers his cat delivering the food he bought to his dogs

Cats can get along very well with dogs, they can even be complicit in mischief. In this Educational Pet post we will talk about a very naughty kitten that helps to feed his canine friends

It all started when the kitten went up to the table where its owner had left the food, then with its nails it began to break the bags of croquettes and the puppies began to give them to them. This video quickly went viral causing laughter among viewers.

Kitten distributes food to dogs 

The kitten was handing out the food he had bought for the whole week. The video also shows that the puppies are Siberian Husky. A curiosity of this breed of dogs is that they love to eat, so this kitten was ahead and distributed the food to them.

The young man had returned from shopping at the supermarket, he left the products in the kitchen, and after a few minutes he returned to the kitchen and was surprised to see that all the puppies were eating in complete silence. The good thing is that the young man took the situation calmly and instead of getting angry, he recorded the funny moment.

The images of this prank were shared by thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter.

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