Woman Sets Up Hammock For Mama Bear And Her Cubs To Play With

Bertha the mama bear and her two cubs were always seen hanging around in Amy’s yard.

She was surprised at first, but then she decided to start leaving things for the cubs to play with.

It all started with a ball that the cubs seem to love, even while playing with it, the mama bear made sure to keep a close on them.

Then Amy thought of something they can all play with, and so she bought a hammock and quickly installed it in her garden.

She then returned home and waited to see what the bears would do and if they would even be able to work out how to use the hammock.

To her surprise, they put the hammock to good use, so she recorded the encounter and put it up online for everyone’s pleasure.

Here’s the full video and interview from The Dodo below:

Now, Amy loves having the bears around, and hopes to see more of them playing in the future!

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