Woman Introduces Dog To Boyfriend And Immediately Gets Left Out

Abby Schulte and her sweetheart, Ethan, have been with each other for 2 years, and they couldn’t be more joyful. However, when Abby took in a people-shy pup named Harvey (rescued after Hurricane Harvey) a year ago, it appeared that she would need to keep the dog and her boyfriend away from each other.

“Harvey is terrified of people,” Abby informed The Dodo. “When I first had him, he would not let anyone else near him except for me.”

So you will soon understand, that’s not anymore a problem with regards to Ethan. Not a bit.

A little while after adopting Harvey, after allowing him a chance to get comfy at her home, Abby determined the moment was appropriate to bring in Ethan over to try an introduction. Instead of drawing back or growl in panic, the moment the pooch initially met Abby’s significant other, it was love at first sight.

“Harvey was immediately 100 percent comfortable with him,” Abby said. “It was crazy to see how much they enjoyed each other’s company. I’m not sure why they hit it off so quickly, but I like to think it’s because Harvey is a good judge of character.”

From that initial introduction a couple of months in the past, Harvey continues to be timid around unfamiliar persons, but Ethan is still among the dog’s most loved persons. Any time Ethan comes over to spend time with Abby, Harvey flips out with enjoyment.

“They are always affectionate,” Abby shared. “Harvey loves to cuddle and will always cuddle with Ethan. I think my dog now loves him more than he loves me!”

Abby is happy that her pup and partner get along so good, however, there are times where she winds up feeling somewhat left out. Actually, she recorded a video of one of those instances lately — capturing Harvey sweetly taking a kiss from Ethan just in front of her.

“Sometimes I do feel a bit jealous of how much he loves Ethan,” Abby stated, “but I know Harvey loves me just as much, so I always get over it.”

Most importantly, Abby and Ethan equally love Harvey very much.

Having two people who worry about him so devotedly has proven Harvey that it’s alright for him to be his nice, bighearted self — and to express that with everybody.

“He has completely changed,” Abby said. “He has opened up so much. He is so much more confident in himself and won’t freak out when someone reaches out to pet him.”







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