Wisconsin Is Home To Rare Albino Deer Herds That Look Absolutely Breathtaking

Being albino is a rare case. Catching sight of albino animals in the wild is even harder. Just take albino whitetail deer as an example. For decades, people have been fascinated with their rare appearance in forests, grasslands, or mountains.

The first reason is that the chances for a deer to be born albino are 1 in 20,000. Moreover, it’s so hard for albino deers to survive until adulthood because they are often weaker than normal individuals. Their solid white color even separates them from natural backgrounds, making them more vulnerable to predator attacks.

However, Boulder Junction in Wisconsin is becoming a popular place for any tourist who loves to see wild albino deers with their eyes. People can catch sight of these animals living in herds, and they can take pictures of them.

Experts and biologists are still unable to explain the unbelievable number of these “ghost deers” living in the area.

But the local people are so protective over mysterious white deer herds. They try not to interfere with their population or harm them either.



Hunters are prohibited from chasing, hunting these animals to contribute to their high population.



Watch more photos in the following. These are the pictures released by courtesy of photographer Jeff Richter, who has published his collection book of white deers taken in the region. You can learn more about the book here.




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