Veteran asks to see his dog one last time to say goodbye

In this Educational Pet article we will talk about a veteran who was in the intensive care unit and his last request was to see his little puppy to say goodbye to him and make sure he was in the best conditions.

The name of this hero was John Vincent, a veteran with a great love for his pet. In the last minutes of his life, he only asked to see his little dog, Patch, of his. A social worker at the hospital was so moved to hear this man’s request that he went to great lengths to fulfill his last request.

A very sentimental meeting

During the trip to the hospital, the puppy was very calm. And once he saw his father he was very happy.

Thanks to the quick action of the hospital workers, Vincent was able to see his little Yorkie breed pet and these were his words:

“Yes, it’s me, it’s Dad,” she whispered as Patch licked her face and neck. So glad to see you.

It was a very emotional moment, the doctors, nurses and other workers who witnessed the meeting could not stop crying. Seeing Patch, Vincent’s eyes lit up and he began to caress him in a very tender way. After some tears and beautiful words, this veteran’s wish was that his beloved puppy had a home, where they could take care of him and above all give him a lot of love.

A hospital worker commented that this moment will never be forgotten, since both were so happy to see each other and say goodbye, it was a great privilege to have fulfilled Vincent’s last wish.

The Animal Shelter Association said in a statement that Patch the puppy has been returned to the Westside Animal Shelter and is up for adoption again.

Patch the Puppy Looking for a Home

Vincent was convinced that his little dog, Patch, was going to find a home with a family that would love him very much. And everything seems to indicate that the veteran’s last wish was fulfilled, since the Association shared the story on social networks and hundreds of people wanted Patch to form part of his family.

A new veteran adopts Patch

Robert Candelaria is a veteran of the Navy and is also a volunteer at the Animal Shelter, currently working more than 5 days to take care of animals that need help. This veteran enjoys taking care of puppies and is willing to take care of Patch wholeheartedly.

“I have promised Patch that he will not spend another day in the shelter and I will take care of him like Vicente did. As veterans we don’t have to have the same blood to be brothers. Brothers shouldn’t be left out of this world,” said Robert Candelaria.

Without a doubt, this beautiful farewell was very emotional. And we’re sure Patch will always remember Vincent.

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