Touching And Fascinating Photos Of Orangutan Reaching Out To Help Man In River Have Left People In Awe Of Kindness In Animals

When extraordinary pictures of an orangutan trying to help a man in a river were shared online, they went viral and also left individuals in awe of the orangutan’s act of compassion. The pictures reveal the huge monster leaning to help the man out of the river. Scroll down to delight in the images!

The fascinating view was captured by an amateur photographer named Anil Prabhakar. The digital photographer got on a safari with his close friends, when he discovered a woodland warden searching for serpents and also removing them from the river. This is the vowed opponent of primates, particularly orangutans.

As Prabhakar prepared to take a photo, an orangutan reached out his hand to the woodland warden, apparently wanting to help him out. However, the man rejected to take the animal’s hand as he really did not wish to touch an unknown wild animal.

“Someone informed him there was a snake in the river. The warden went there and also got rid of the bushes. An orangutan came to the financial institutions as well as was viewing what he was doing. He then came closer and gave his hand. The warden just moved away. I asked him why later and he claimed: ‘It’s a wild animal, not one we know with’. However they are to safeguard them,”” Prabhakar recalled.

The forest warden is just one of volunteers at a non-profit organization called Borneo Orangutan Survival Structure. It was founded in 1991, is presently looking after 650 orangutans.

“By protecting orangutans in their natural environment, a whole variety of other flora as well as fauna are additionally shielded. Protecting their woodland habitat is as important to people as much as it is to wild animals,” the structure’s web site states.

View the charming video clip of the employees teaching orphaned orangutans find out to be aware of serpents:

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