Tiny Rescued Hummingbird Falls In Love With The Dog Who Saved Her

Meet Rex, once living on the streets as a stray pup, he was rescued and adopted into a loving, forever home

Before he was adopted by Ed Gernon of Whittier, California, Rex was an aggressive stray, often seen fighting other dogs and cats on the streets.

Now he is a completely different dog, he is kind and gentle, and one certain bird will certainly agree with this.

One day, Rex and his human were walking when Rex spotted what looked like a dead hummingbird on the ground, covered in ants.

Gernon, who thought the bird was dead, was about to walk away, but Rex refused to move until he helped the poor bird.

That’s when Gernon realized that the bird, who is now named Hummer, was still clinging on to life, but in poor health.

With constant care from Gernon and Rex, of course, Hummer was able to fly again within a few weeks.

Over these weeks, Hummer began to trust Rex a lot that they even play together, it’s almost as if Hummer remembers the role Rex played in saving her.

Here’s a video of the pair interacting with each other:

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