Tiny Hairless Kitten Turns Into The Fluffiest Cat With A Big Personality

At the time little Bunny arrived at a shelter in Las Vegas just being a kitten, she had quite an awful condition of ringworm that the shelter determined she wasn’t eligible for adoption. Workers may only let go of her to a rescue that was able to deal with the intensive treatment she would definitely require. As no rescue wanted to accept her, the shelter chose to euthanize her — but fortunately, a lady with a lot of foster knowledge walked in and took Bunny herself, and decided to save the unhealthy kitty’s life.

Nikki Martinez learned about lovely tiny Bunny and thought she deserved an opportunity. The instant she arrived home with the kitty, however, she recognized exactly how unwell Bunny truly was, and became concerned that she would possibly not survive.

Amazingly, Bunny made it through her early days in foster care, followed by a couple of days longer, until it appeared that she may be out of danger. Even though she started to recover, however, she couldn’t actually be left on her own — therefore Martinez wouldn’t leave her side.

While the days passed, Bunny became better and better, and it looked like her ringworm disease was finally improving. Her attitude was better day after day, and it appeared that she was nearly good to go to her permanent home, although Martinez was sure that finding the best people to adopt her would probably not be simple.

But in some way, the ideal family did find Bunny, and put in an application to take her on, regardless of her background of ringworm and even though her fur was still growing in. They were able to realize that there was something extraordinary about the tiny kitty right from the start.

“Bunny appeared on my Instagram … during the holiday of 2016-17,” Bunny’s new mom shared. “I started following Nikki and immediately unfollowed because I didn’t think Bunny was going to make it and it was too painful to watch her suffer. But photos of her kept coming up … and at that point Jack [my partner] and I fell in love with her and became emotionally invested in her recovery.”

Martinez was confident that Bunny would be content and protected with the couple, who currently had two cats, so after two months of foster protection, Bunny lastly moved to her forever home.

The couple gladly accepted Bunny into their household and took control of the job of supervising her rehab. By this time, they believed that her ringworm was basically gone — however they quickly learned that she had a far more intense condition than everybody knew, and in fact still had a really lengthy path to recuperation in front of her.

Since Bunny’s fur had grown back and she was looking a lot stronger, the magnitude of her illness wasn’t evident — but her newest family didn’t regret taking her, and did all things in their power to help her recover. She was a part of their family by that time, so they were decided to assist her in leading an entirely normal life.

“It took biweekly baths, antifungal medication and decontaminating our apartment from floor to ceiling every week; even then the progress that we made was not very encouraging,” Her new mom said.

Lastly, after attempting all kinds of things, the vets recommended Bunny a different kind of medicine — and it was effective. In September 2017, after 9 months of therapy, Bunny was at last fully cured.

After all the stuff she experienced, one could assume Bunny would probably be stressed or anxious as a consequence, but she’s in fact a very energetic, quirky kitty who likes to climb and get involved in just about anything. Her special personality amazes and surprises her parents each day, and reminds them that their quest to getting her in good health was totally worthwhile.

Bunny definitely didn’t enjoy a regular beginning to life, and nearly didn’t have a life whatsoever. However she wound up with the most loving, devoted people, and hand in hand they helped raise her into the cutest tiny fighter of a kitty, that will now, fortunately, get the chance to live a happy and healthy life.

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