This Artist Creates Mesmerizing Bird Portraits by Using Leaves and Flowers

This artist has found her inner peace by reconnecting with Mother Earth. Hannah Bullen-Ryner creates beautiful paintings by using only locally found natural materials, clearing the surroundings, bringing together flowers, leaves, twigs, and berries, she creates delicate portraits either on a wooded floor or under a small oak tree.

And when she’s done, they last only a few moments before nature starts reclaiming them, fortunately, that brief period of time is enough for her to photograph her artworks, or as she calls it, offerings to Mother Nature. These artworks get taken by the breeze, rearranged by the rain, or wriggled through by an insect and leave no trace behind.

The artist says she creates to share her love for nature and to soothe her soul, and you can definitely feel it in the photos of her ephemeral pieces. Continue scrolling and enjoy.

Bullen-Ryner is both an artist and someone who appreciates nature, having been outdoors her whole life. “Originally a painter and photographer, I have always found art to be cathartic, a way to let it all out, a way to express what couldn’t be said,” she told Bored Panda. “Equally, I have always felt deeply connected to the Earth and to her magic and her ability to soothe a weary soul.

This photographer has continued the dialogue and made land art as both “a way to honor Mother Earth and cope with my mental health almost daily ever since.” Though she said many people don’t understand why she makes something so temporary or how she can walk away from it once it’s complete, it is exactly these reasons that make it so sacred to her. “I get to download all the chaos from my brain, turn it into something beautiful, and walk away feeling so much lighter in my soul,” the woman explained.

Once I started making pieces using only natural materials, I began to truly see all the little details and uniqueness of each and every plant, tree, or bush. The tiny wildflowers, the wonderful array of berries, the constantly changing rainbow of color and texture. I am inspired by the forage, the excitement of not knowing what I will find that day, and never knowing what I will end up with after a creative free-flow.

Land art is her peace, her joy, her ‘me time’, and her connection to our beautiful planet. And for every person who can’t fathom the meaning of her art, there are at least a couple who really appreciate it. “I have messages from all over the world these days from people inspired to show others what I do or try it themselves. It makes my heart full to know that people have been giving back to Mother Earth in similar ways. She deserves our utmost love, respect, appreciation, and protection,” Bullen-Ryner said.


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