They rescue a donkey with lost hope and a seriously injured leg

Any living being must have a dignified life free from suffering. In this Educational Mascot article we will talk about a donkey that was seriously injured but thanks to a foundation it could be rescued.

Misty is a donkey who had been hiding in a construction site and had lost hope of being rescued, but today he hopes for a speedy recovery!

They rescue a donkey that lost hope and suffered serious leg injuries.

The incredible story that has paralyzed the Internet is that of a donkey named Misty, who was found hiding in a construction site, with one of her paws injured and infected. This happened because her front legs were tied, since it is a very common way that ranchers use with some animals such as cows, horses and donkeys so that they do not jump fences.

The cruelty to animals will not stop now as we continue to see cases of injured animals, although the idea is to carry out awareness campaigns to ensure that all animals are treated with dignity and respect. Misty is a donkey who had lost all hope after his feet were severely injured and infected with worms.

Misty, a donkey who suffered animal cruelty

With no more hope for the ground and no solution to live a happy life, Misty hid in a building and was the product of an injured leg that had a rope that severely injured her skin.

This rope managed to penetrate their fur and skin, causing hemorrhages, worms and other parasites. Fortunately for Animal Aid Unlimited, the Foundation became aware of the incident and acted immediately to give this little donkey a second chance.

This sweet donkey, whom we call Misty, was found hiding on a construction site. His front legs were tied to his back ones. This is a common and often disastrous way for donkey owners to try to prevent their donkeys from escaping. He told the Animal Aid Unlimited post.

The friction of the rope severely injured Misty, making it difficult for her to walk, and she had to endure each painful and itchy step as flies and parasites settled on her legs.

When the entire rescue team arrived to assess Misty, she no longer had any rope, so they assessed her general health and how to get her leg back quickly.

She was then gently washed, bandaged and treated for her speedy recovery. According to an article posted on Facebook, the main thing they do to heal themselves is to wash and heal daily. They hope that for two months Misty will be stable and she will be able to move on her own.

According to Julio Misty’s diagnosis and the care of this donkey, she is waiting for a new life. There she will be given the treatment she deserves: love and understanding.

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