They install pots that give shelter to dogs and in turn help bees

Thousands of years ago a relationship between humans and dogs began, to this day that friendship has progressed. To the extent that dogs have become man’s best friend. Unfortunately, not all dogs have the opportunity to have a person who cares for them and loves them. This causes homeless dogs to seek shelter on the streets, where they experience all kinds of hardship.

In this Educational Pet post we will talk about a great initiative that several people are carrying out to feed and care for homeless dogs.

A functional shelter for hundreds of stray dogs.

Many people and associations that are dedicated to protecting and helping animals are constantly looking for the rights of these animals to be asserted throughout the world. While this is happening, a project is being started with cheap construction materials to design houses that street dogs can live in.

Unfortunately many times all these projects end up in the garbage, because of people who do not have the slightest sense of empathy for animals. In many parts of the world, various good-hearted people began to put drinking fountains and feeders on the main streets of the suburbs, but as days went by, these were stolen or destroyed.

Authorities from the municipality of Panguipulli, in Chile, devised an incredible alternative. This consists of creating homes for street dogs, without overshadowing the view and order. In addition to decorating the city with flowers, which will help the bees in their pollination, the stray dogs will have a shelter to spend the cold days.

The design of the pot house is very simple but functional, its 3 main purposes are:

  • Take care of the environment.
  • Beautify and decorate the streets of the city.
  • Provide a safe haven for stray dogs.

The Animal Paraíso Foundation was the one who shared the photos of this new Panguipulli project. In the upper part we can see the plants that will gradually sow, in the lower part there is an opening so that any puppy can take refuge.

The support of the entire population of Chile is expected to care for and protect this type of construction, which will benefit hundreds of dogs that still do not find a home.

On behalf of Mascota Educativa we hope that this type of initiative will be reproduced throughout the world.

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