The Green-Headed Tanager Is A Gorgeous Bird

This bird is small and colorful and it is usually found in humid Atlantic forest and can be common in orchards, parks, and gardens, even near human settlements. And also, it frequents the forest borders and the clearings where it finds some trees and shrubs, and also the second growths.

The Green-headed Tanager is visible from lowlands to 900 meters, but they are more often seen at a lower elevation and it can be seen in pairs or in small groups, sometimes up to 20 birds. They may join mixed-species flocks for foraging.

They usually search for food from middle-height to canopy, between 9 and 25 meters above the forest floor. It may forage along the borders of the forest and also in disturbed areas.

Like many bird species, the females and juveniles aren’t quite so vibrant, though the females are still quite pretty. They’re mostly just a paler version of the males. Juveniles are mostly a duller, grey-green.


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