The dog befriended the baby giraffe and stayed by her side until the end.

In this Educational Pet post you will meet a puppy who has a baby giraffe as a friend. Despite not being the same species, they became very good friends. It all started when a baby giraffe they named Jazz was abandoned by his mother when she was barely days old.

Giraffe abandoned by its mother when it was only 2 days old.

It must have been very difficult for this baby giraffe to lose his mother, but everything changed when he met Hunter. This Belgian Malinois puppy has spent his entire life caring for and helping other animals who have lost their homes.

A barn was the one that found the baby giraffe near his farm, when he arrived at it, he was in extremely delicate health, as he suffered from dehydration. She quickly sought help from the Limpopo Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, and it was there that she met the brave Hunter.

And not only did this little dog welcome Jazz, many other animals were very happy with his arrival. When the photos spread on social networks, many people began to comment on how good they looked together. But what they did not know is that the baby giraffe suffered from a deadly disease.

Jazz the giraffe baby sick.

Gradually the caretakers of the orphanage began to note that something bad was happening to Jazz. One day the giraffe started shaking and he couldn’t walk. Hunter was very sad those days.

The giraffe apparently fainted from a brain hemorrhage. A member of the orphanage explained:

“In the last two days before we lost him, Jazz’s legs started getting wobbly and he was really bored, like he hadn’t recorded everything. Suddenly he collapsed and we could see blood starting to pool in his eyes.”

Despite all the efforts they made to save the life of this baby giraffe, his heart rate began to slow down. At that moment Hunter was there with her and at no time wanted to get away from her. From one moment to another the giraffe gave the last breath of her life.

Hunter the puppy who made a great friendship with this giraffe, was very sad when he passed away, in fact he did not want to leave his room for a few hours.

We were finally able to understand why this giraffe’s mother abandoned her, she simply knew that her calf was going to die. It may sound very cruel but nature is very wise and it always is.

Hunter was very brave, he stayed until the end of days with this giraffe, and we are sure he made her very happy. Currently this puppy is recovering from this great loss. And now rescuers are caring for a rhino calf, and we have no doubt that Hunter will be able to make a wonderful friendship.

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