Take a Look at These Beautiful Vermillion Flycatchers

Vermilion Flycatcher is a fairly small, stocky flycatcher with an upright posture. Fairly flat-headed and barrel-chested, with a slender tail and a broad, straight bill. A Vermillion Flycatcher is a joy to find.  You’ll love this little, bright red bird.

These vibrant birds are common in the most southwestern parts of the United States, and widespread throughout Central and South America.

This bird is not shy like some other birds, he just proudly sits in the open with his red breast glowing in the sunshine. Flycatchers catch flies, it’s what they eat. His modus operandi is called ‘hawking’ and he’s good at it. His eyesight is much better than ours because it’s difficult to see what he’s catching.

The males are unmistakable with their brilliant red plumage, and even the females have strong washes of color that make them stand out. Females and juveniles are almost all gray and brown, with duller red or orange patches on their bellies and rears. It takes about two weeks for babies to become fledglings and leave the nest. Males have a very showy mating display that includes flight and song. They will rocket as high as fifty feet into the air and sing while puffing out their feathers and fluttering in a dance-like manner. Then they’ll swoop right back down to their perch and wait for the ladies.



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