Sweet pit bull helps tiny blind friend to explore the world and never leaves his side

For the last 4 years or so, Blue Dozer– a gentle pit bull– was more than just a devoted close friend for his pal OJ– a 12-year-old dachshund. Old and blind, the elderly pet placed all his count on his pal, because he’s been directing him through the globe.

Recently, Blue Dozer confirmed he will certainly never leave his pal’s side, for anything on this earth. Regretfully for both, their owner lost her home and also ended up on the streets. Given that she could not deal with her pets, the lady chose to surrender them to a regional shelter in Richmond, hoping they’ll discover a warm house. Anyhow, she pled the personnel there to keep them together.

“She said they had been living in her car for a while and she had been through some other personal things recently,” Christie Chipps Peters, supervisor of the Richmond Animal Care and Control described for The Dodo. “All she wanted was to find them a new home together!”

Yet Christie and also the various other volunteers, have actually all quickly realized why she insisted a lot for both canines to stick. Since the senior dachshund was entirely blind, his 6-year-old pittie wasn’t simply his comfort however his seeing eye pal. Extra, they all got amazed by how caring as well as gentle Blue is, when it comes to his helpless good friend. Therefore, every person recognized it will not take long till someone to show rate of interest in these 2 charming dogs.

“We don’t see a combination like this very often,” Peters said . “It’s so comical and sweet. Blue is like this super tough muscular guy, then OJ is a teeny tiny dachshund. Seeing them together is super cute. “They’ve been best pals for years, so they have this understanding of sticking by each other. When we’d go outside, it was like OJ was Blue’s little shadow.”

To every person’s delight, simply a number of days after the pair got to the shelter, a person showed up to embrace them, as well as the important things were improving and much better for both dogs. Clearly, the problem was to adopt them both. Said as well as done, however then, something actually horrible took place. Days after the dogs left the sanctuary to their brand-new house, the poor OJ was found on the side of the road, all by himself. Probably, he just obtained dumped by his brand-new proprietors!

Fortunately, with the help of some type individuals, the unbreakable pair was at some point reunited back at the sanctuary, and this moment, they won’t be separated! Despite the fact that, their dramatization is far from ending, one thing is specific, Blue and OJ share a genuinely remarkable friendship!

“We very much appreciate the outpouring of community support,” the shelter wrote in a statement. “The only thing that matters is these sweet dogs get to stay together — and in the end that’s what we have … We will not be doing anything with OJ and Blue Dozer in the next few days other than snuggling them together.”

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