Stray dog ​​wags his tail at every passerby in hopes of being adopted

Every day thousands of puppies are abandoned and walk the streets, without being able to obtain any type of food. In this Educational Mascot article we will talk about a homeless puppy who, thanks to his character, was able to find a family.

Lek Lek was a stray dog ​​living in the cold city of Nuwara Eliya and he didn’t know when his next meal would come, but even in the midst of all these hardships, the dog had a sweet nature and was determined to find, forever, a family. .

Lek Lek used to live on the streets of Sri Lanka, wagging his tail whenever a person passed him in the hope that someone would notice him, but everything finally changed after Lek Chailert and the rescuers of the Elephant Nature Park they will notice her.

Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park is home to elephants that have been rescued from all kinds of situations and hardships. The group was on an elephant research trip and came across the calf on their way through Nuwara Eliya.

They wrote the following on YouTube “In the ticket market, where thousands of people pass by, we saw a puppy wagging its tail at passers-by, alerting people to its presence.”

The group was in a hurry, so they gave the cub a little pat and headed off, but Lek refused to stay behind.

The little puppy began to chase the group wherever they wanted to go, despite being pushed back several times, but it was clear that they could not abandon her. This persistence saved the puppy’s life. He “he started chasing us and she stayed pretty far away from us until we went to pick her up and take her back to where we found her. He chased us over and over again until his determination won our hearts.”

The group was away from home, but even there they tried to give the puppy a new home by asking people if anyone would be interested in adopting him, but unfortunately without success, so they finally remembered to ask someone close.

The group’s driver, a man named Thushara, offered to take care of the puppy, the dog’s persistence paid off and he finally had a family, safe and sound, the group named him Lek Lek and said their goodbyes.

The dog’s owner bought him a new bath blanket, used his luggage as a makeshift dog bed while he was at the hotel, and the sweet animal got the most restful sleep he’s had in a long time.

Lek Lek loved her new home and became especially close friends with her father, and finally her search for a forever home came to an end.

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