Siberian Husky Red or Brown Coat

Usually when we observe a Siberian Husky , we notice that the most common coat color is black or white. And this is totally true, the black coat is the most common in Siberian Husky dogs. It is undoubtedly the dominant color that identifies the breed.


But there is a very beautiful coat color that we should not overlook and this is red, copper or brown.

Husky Red or copper coat

In this Educational Pet article , you will learn all about this coat color, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful.


To begin with, the color of the red or copper coat can cover many shades that go from a pale yellow color to an intense brown, also known as chocolate color.

The red color symbolizes something positive that can transmit warmth, passion and energy to us. We can also relate it to emotions, especially with love.

An important fact is that in the genetics of the Siberian Husky, the red or copper coat has the peculiarity of being a recessive gene. Therefore, it is inherited only when both parents are carriers of the gene.

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In order to be considered a red mantle, it must meet some characteristics.


  • Black colored hairs are not allowed. In the belly area the color of their hairs should be white.
  • The rims of the Siberian Husky’s eyes, ears, nose, and lips are always liver-colored , ranging from pink to brown.
  • In this type of red or copper coat, both brown eyes are not allowed. The eyes must be blue or amber or even with heterochromia.
  • The darkest shade of red Siberian Huskies is chocolate brown, with a fawn or white undercoat.
  • As for its inner layer of fur, it can be pale red or cream. In its outer layer the colors that can be covered are: dark color like chocolate to the lightest color of the range.
  • The Siberian husky with a red coat has the outer coat in shades of brown, chocolate, reddish or orange. In most cases, the inner layer is white or beige, shades that are clearly seen in sunlight.


Next we will analyze the variations of this type of mantle.

Husky siberiano Red Light

This variation of the coat includes colors in its inner layer of white or cream. As for its outer coat, the colors are usually red with white and yellowish tones that give the sight a final shade of diluted red.

siberian husky red coat

The hue of this layer may be redder than the chocolate/brown hue. This makes bright colors stand out, sometimes appearing orange due to light refraction.

Siberian Husky color chocolate o café oscuro

This tone is characterized by being the darkest of the three variations. Both the outer and inner layers of the mantle are dark red, copper, or brown.

Solid copper or brown covering the dog’s body, including the ears, tail, and hindquarters. This is a shade with full color depth, which is the darkest red possible.

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