Security Dog Falls Asleep On The Job

In the Shanghai subway in China, they captured a video of a Labrador retriever who is a security guard at the same complex, in which you can see how he was so tired that he did not resist and fell asleep during work hours. His bosses were not upset, rather what he did caused them a lot of tenderness and they decided to share the video on social networks, which quickly went viral. 

Labrador retrievers are trained to sniff out passengers and their belongings, it can be at an airport, seaports, or in places like subway stations. When they manage to detect something suspicious they bark to alert the authorities.

Every year these types of dogs manage to catch hundreds of people with possession of weapons and illicit substances, they usually always remain alert in any situation, but sometimes they get tired and can fall asleep as is the case with this Labrador retriever.

In one of the images it can be seen that he tried to resist falling asleep, until he couldn’t take it anymore, he lay down next to his caregiver and closed his eyes.

“Why is it that a puppy that doesn’t want to work is cute, but when I don’t want to work I’m a lazy person?” I posted a Facebook user.

The importance of security dogs

Throughout history, dogs have lived very closely with humans, to the point of being considered “Man’s best friend”.

Thanks to their loyalty and their extraordinary senses, they can help us in different tasks, such as security dogs.

 Dogs have highly developed senses of smell and sight compared to us humans, this in the surveillance and security sector is simply essential and they do it better than anyone.

They can anticipate certain dangers, even when it’s dark they can warn that something is not right, and something really incredible is that they can smell and see miles away.

This watchdog role makes them the best companions for security professionals. The best working breeds of security dogs are:

  • German shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Golden Retriever
  • Boxer

When you see a security dog, remember that they work so that you can travel safely and without problems. Without a doubt one more reason to love our four-legged friends.

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