Scary Sphynx Cat Threatens His Human Over FaceTime

Do you remember Arlo, the Sphynx cat in Los Angeles who is famous for his unusual knees? His knees are very human-like, which many people find to be unbearably sexy. For this reason, he becomes an internet sensation known to the world as the darkest hairless cat with unforgettable human-like knees. He has an account on Instagram nicknamed “The Dark Lord” with more than 170.000 followers.

Last year, Dark Lord’s mom, a professional dancer named Amanda Martinez, shared a video shows moment he sits in an unusual pose on the top of the fridge and stares down with a thoughtful look. The video quickly went viral, racking up nearly 763,000 views a day on Instagram. He took the Internet by storm with his distinctive knees and a hypnotizing look.

When Amanda Martinez accepted Arlo into her home, she had no idea he would become a celebrity. “I would have never thought posting the Lord’s sexy knees would have everyone going crazy,” she said.

And recently, his mom shared a creative video about Dark Lord’s anger when he was hungry and his mom was not home. Nobody gave him food, so he used FaceTime to call his mom and give her a serious threat. The video with brilliant idea has captured the imagination of the Internet, and people can’t get enough of it.

Watch the video below:


If you want to see more images and videos of the Dark Lord, you can visit and follow him on Instagram. Please share this video with your friends and family members!

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