Rescued baby elephant gets its most adorable first bath

The animals that are helped to change their lives always feel special and grateful to the people who support them, but they also begin to experience activities that they have never experienced before, and when a rescued baby elephant got into a small bathtub full of water, experienced a sweet bath for the first time He was excited to experience a sweet bath for the first time.

Chaba was born in a small concrete enclosure on the grounds of an elephant riding camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The boy’s mother was forced to put on a series of daily shows to entertain tourists, including bike rides, painting and other tricks.

It could have been Chava’s fate, but luckily the Save the Elephant Foundation rescue team was able to intervene.

RyEmmerson, project manager for the Foundation, told TheDodo: “We were very lucky that our team was able to save Chava.

“When our team heard about the plight of Csaba and her mother, Bumma, we went to the camp to see how we could help them.”

Arriving at the camp, rescuers found the baby elephant and its mother in a cement enclosure where they had not been fed. In addition, the mother was tied by one leg to a short chain and it was clear that both animals needed medical attention to improve their health.

The founders of the charity took it upon themselves to negotiate the release of the elephant families and were finally able to save them in August 2021.

Rescuers had already made plans to transport the elephants by truck to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) animal sanctuary. However, Bumma was very nervous and she did not want to get on the transport vehicle because she was afraid that she would be separated from her babies.

Ry commented.

“We decided it would be safer for them to walk to our sanctuary. After two hours of walking, they arrived at ENP and were greeted with an elephant cake.”

Both animals were very happy in their new homes and, after greedily eating the welcome cake, Csaba was ready for his first bath.

Ry added

Chava is a true water baby! She loves to splash water and then runs to her mom to calm her down. She now loves to play in the pool with her ball while her mother enjoys the delicious fruit.

Indeed, both animals now enjoy a full and wild life, interacting with other animals, foraging and playing like never before. However, Csaba has always made it clear that what he likes the most is playing in the water and splashing around in his small pool.

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