Random Cats Are Blessed To Spend Quality Time With On Duty Soldiers

It’s no secret that cats make great companions and that cats can positively and significantly boost your mental health. The sheer fluffiness of cats and random, quirky cat behavior are so lovely that they can brighten your day!

Actually, cats can totally make your whole day. On the flip-side, war has a lot of mental health consequences on soldiers.

It can increase the incidence and prevalence of mental disorders. Trauma and several other similar events also become more and more common. This is why it’s important to find something that can boost their mental health every now and then.

What better to boost their mental health than cats? Cats are the purr-fect solution, well, maybe perfect is a stretch but these cats and kitties absolutely have a pawsitive impact.

The soldiers in the pictures below were quite happy to stumble upon random cats while on duty, and we reckon the cats are pretty happy, too. Their interactions turned out to be extremely cute, scroll down and check them out.

1. Hey kitty kitty

2. Feeding a cat while on duty

3. It’s a trap though

4. Soldier bottle feeding a kitten

5. Shoulder Kitty!

6. Two ginger bois

7. Two balls of fur

8. “It’s so tiny, I shall protect you with my life”

9. Cuddle buddies

10. Someone’s grumpy


12. Random cat sightings are the just the best

13. The fluff is all you will ever need

14. So adorable

15. Tiny kitten and her new best friend

16. Best nap ever

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