Puppy looking for a family smiles at everyone who passes by the shelter

In this Educational Pet article, you will meet Burreaux, a tender and adorable black Labrador puppy, who had the firm hope of being adopted and to achieve it, he smiled at all the people who passed by his kennel.

 Burreaux shared his resting place with two other puppies. Little did they know that their lives were about to change forever.

One day Courtney Wingate, director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana   visited this animal control center, and during her tour she saw three adorable puppies, and she felt she couldn’t leave them there. But without a doubt Burreaux’s smile was what captivated her.

Courtney Wingate enlisted the help of Sarah Walton, a volunteer for the foundation. Sarah helped the pups and decided to name them after three Louisiana State University football players.

One of the puppies became ill when they returned from the vet, having been taken in for a routine check-up. The ill puppy had to return to the veterinary clinic again,  where they treated him with medication and little by little he was recovering.

After everything went back to normal and the three puppies returned to the shelter, Sarah began to notice that Burreaux smiled a lot when a person petted him. In fact if someone told him good boy, he would show his small teeth to smile.

Talking to The Dodo Sarah Walton said: Whenever you talk to him very sweetly he gives you a beautiful smile as if he wants something. It is as if I were saying to you: Come, caress me, come, love me!

As the days passed, the little puppies were ready to be adopted, and the shelter shared videos showing the gifts of each puppy. Social networks were definitely the best way to find someone who will adopt them.

One of the cubs was a very active player. And finally a good-hearted person adopted him.

The shelter staff decided to share a video in which Burreaux appears smiling and that thanks to this she was able to be rescued along with her two companions.

In our opinion, “Burreaux loves his house so much that he always tries to beautify it with a smile.”

At Educational Pet we firmly believe that adopting is giving a second chance to a puppy, kitten or any other animal that has suffered a process of abandonment, and sometimes mistreatment.

Giving him a home for the rest of his life, along with the necessary care and constant love, will help him regain his confidence and self-esteem.

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