Pitbull asks his family to allow a pregnant cat to give birth

Hades is a very affectionate pit bull dog who lives in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. This adorable little dog shows us that there is nothing worse than the absurd stereotypes about this breed. Each animal is unique and has its own personality.

Juan José P Flores, father of Hades, remembers a homeless cat that frequented his neighborhood. He couldn’t get close to the cat but he left her food so she wouldn’t go hungry on the street. Hades definitely followed in the footsteps of his father’s caretaker and had his own gestures of love.

One day Juan heard noises coming from the back door of his house, where Hades liked to hang out, and when he went to check it out, he invited someone into the kennel when he discovered that Hades was about to share an announcement with him. important.

The lovely Hades invited the cat, who appeared to be pregnant, to the kennel so that he could bring the beautiful kitten to safety.

Juan José commented to TheDodo:

“She dragged the blanket to the entrance of her house and settled in front of the door. She felt protected by him.

Hades did not leave the pregnant cat for a moment and kept his attention on her throughout the delivery. The cat gave birth to two little kittens and she certainly felt protected and safe thanks to the kind dog.

“I think he felt his father.”

After the birth, the man took the new mother, named “Nicole”, and her little cats inside the house. There he and the anxious pit bull could be more aware of their care and everything they might need.

Hades was calm and seemed to rest in peace knowing that his friend Nicole and the little newborn kittens were safe. Since then, Hades and Nicole have developed a wonderful friendship.

Hades and his father took care of the little family and when they were ready, they found their forever home for the two cats. For her part, Nicole has always had her house with Hades and Juan José.

The caring father of pit bulls hopes that Hades’ actions will bring about a positive change in people’s beliefs about the breed and that he will inspire many with his noble deeds.

Juan José comments.

“The pit bull is a good dog. Hades has put everything aside to help someone else. We have to do the same without expecting anything in return.”

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