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Security Dog Falls Asleep On The Job

In the Shanghai subway in China, they captured a video of a Labrador retriever who is a security guard at the same complex, in which you can see how he was so tired that he did not resist and fell asleep during work hours. His bosses were not upset, rather what he did caused them a...More Please

Rescued Siberian Husky Was Going To Be Put Down But Everything Changed!

Every day it is more common to see purebred dogs wandering the streets. And it is that one might think that because they are classified as purebred dogs they should not be abandoned. The truth is that neither purebred dogs nor non-purebred dogs should go through these horrible circumstances. They deserve to have a dignified and quality...More Please

Blind And Deaf Dog Is Happy When Her Dad Comes Back

You may think that a blind dog cannot have a comfortable life , but the truth is that a dog with this disability can have a completely normal life. Unlike us humans, a blind dog can adapt its other senses in order to survive. Next, we present the story of Opal, a dog who was born blind and deaf ,...More Please

She-wolf Abandoned By Her Mother Is Adopted Into A Human Family

Wolves as pets are only allowed in certain countries, and they have to undergo strict training. In Mexico it is not allowed to have a wolf as a pet, since the Mexican Wolf is in danger of extinction. In this Educational Pet article we will talk about Kira, a little wolf that her mother abandoned a few days after being...More Please

Adorable Chow Chow Puppy look Like An Oreo Dessert.

Chow Chow dogs are very interesting, it is impossible to miss the opportunity to caress one of them, their tender face and fur make them the center of attention. This time we present Cheif, a beautiful dog of the chow chow breed whose fur is like an oreo cookie. On Instagram it is known as Oreo Cloud which in...More Please

Puppy Refuses To Be Adopted Without His Food Bowl

This is the story of Oliver, a beautiful little dog who loves to eat so much that he can’t even get up from his bowl. He even had to be adopted alongside him. Oliver was a puppy who lived on the street, one day he came to the yard of a family in Memphis, Tennessee (United States). The...More Please

Dog Who Lost Her Babies Adopts An Orphaned Litter.

When a baby comes into our lives we feel like the luckiest and happiest person in the world, and that also happens with animals. For example, a mother lioness nurses all her cubs regardless of whether they are hers. A mother leopard hides her cubs in different dens to protect them from predators. A mother’s love for...More Please

Puppy Receives The Sweetest Welcome Of All The Shelter Puppies

Every day there are more stories of stray dogs that are adopted, because they go viral on the Internet. In this Educational Pet article you will learn the story of this beautiful little puppy named Bear. Bear may have thought that he would never find friends to play with and a family to take care...More Please