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Stray cat jumps into patrol car and asks cop for hugs

No one can refuse a cat a warm hug, which shows that he loves and trusts you. Recently there was a small accident in the road in Poland and the police went to the scene. One of them was sitting in the car writing a protocol. Suddenly a cat jumped into the car and was kept awake....More Please

Husky rescues seven kittens and becomes their new mother

A service dog named Banner is a hero by rescuing 7 abandoned kittens in the middle of the woods. When we talk about dogs, we talk about loyalty, unconditional love, bravery and compassion. A Siberian Husky is that and much more. On this occasion we will talk about an action that cannot go unnoticed. Her name is...More Please

Man Abandoned His Wolfdog, But A Shelter Saved Him

A wolfdog is a canine hybrid that results from the crossbreeding of a wolf and a dog. They may commonly be called a Wolfdog . In this Educational Pet article we will talk about Yuki , a wolfdog that was left to chance by its owner, being a dog with unique characteristics, he sold it to a slaughterhouse where they paid a high...More Please

Adorable Puppy Wears Protective Suit To Work Next To His Owner

Dogs are animals that have been with us for years, and being domesticated was the key to becoming what they are today. They can learn and be trained for a large number of activities that can significantly help Human beings.  This is the case of an adorable service dog, as he is an excellent laboratory assistant...More Please

Dog Walks Miles Every Day To Visit His Owner’s Grave

Definitely the best friend we can have is a dog, they are so loyal and even until death they will always accompany us. The love that a dog feels for his owner goes beyond what we can imagine , that bond that is formed from the first moment they meet is almost impossible to break. This is...More Please

Dog In Wheelchair Becomes Guide Dog For Blind Fox

The love of animals simply has no limits , this beautiful story that we will read next shows us the great gesture of love and generosity that animals have. It all started when a small West Highland dog named Jack had a terrible tumor on his spine that prevented him from walking on his own. And on the other hand,...More Please