Orphaned Kangaroo Can’t Stop Cuddling And Kissing The Woman Who Rescued Him

Wild kangaroos usually don’t like physical and direct contact with humans or other species. They are highly social and thrive in a mob. Regardlessly, Archie, the baby kangaroo, can’t help hugging and kissing the woman saving him. Let’s read his whole touching story from start to end!



Teesh Foy is an Australian animal rescuer. After being alerted that a poor creature needed help, she drove through the suburbs of Perth, Australia, and stuck her eyes on the roadside. Then, Foy found a little kangaroo stumbling alone in an orchard and crying out for his mother. She and her husband gently picked him up into one of the pouches they had prepared.



Even though they tried to help, the kangaroo was petrified and ran fast into the orchard. The rescuing couple thought that the animal had fled away and that they would not be able to see him again. Still, they chose to wait patiently. In the end, that furry baby was exhausted and decided to put his trust in the human couple.



Foy wrapped him carefully in a blanket to keep him warm. Next, they carried the kangaroo to her house, where he was named Archie, fed, and provided with veterinarian care. Archie was scared and nervous at first. However, Foy did not fail to act as his adoptive mother. Hence, this joey felt secure and stayed close to her chest.



The kangaroo lived with Foy for ten days and then moved to the local animal shelter with more spacious facilities and resources. She confessed that they had stayed together for only ten days, but Archie stole her heart completely. He was adorable and loved hugging Foy, especially lying in her arms and cuddling on her chest. Plus, he never rejected a hug from Foy. All he needed was to be loved.



In the wild, joeys live in their mothers’ pouches for the first six to nine months. Archie missed the warmth, affection, and safety from his mom, but he soon bonded with Foy, Shane Williams – the manager of the shelter Bridgetown Wildlife Rescue, and other individuals in the mob here. Williams took care of Archie before releasing him with his mob to the wildlife.



Williams knew Archie would have to deal with this childhood trauma of being abandoned for a while. On the other hand, the little furry angel appeared to be well-self-adjusted and joyful. Everyone believed he would heal from the past and have a happy life in the future.

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