New Study Warns Cooking With Aluminum Foil Is Unsafe!

From the tome it was developed for our use, the Aluminum has been present in our lives ever since. It takes part in many things that we do in our lives.

It is one of the most used materials in this world, from deodorants to car parts to our cooking. But lately, there have been some rumors that the Aluminum is very harmful for us, especially when it is used in the kitchen, for cooking.

Aluminum foil is used for one of the best dishes we eat, from crispy chicken to well broiled fish, these things would be impossible to be made, if it wasn’t for its existence.

But too much cooking with aluminum foil, can be very harmful to us, and our bodies, even though we cannot notice that.

The latest studies have shown us that, the exposure to even a little bit of aluminum, may increase the neurotoxicity in our organism, which can mostly get into us through the kitchen use of the aluminum foil.

These studies have targeted the dangers and risks between the brain health and the aluminum, and they say:

“We should immediately take action to prevent everybody from the exposure to Aluminum, because this is very likely to be connected with the development of the Alzheimer’s Disease.”

This study was done in 2012, and has shown that people expose themselves to aluminum, six times more than The World Health organization has recommended.

The aluminum is the only compound that has been proven to be able to cross the barrier between the brain and the blood. This means that it can affect our brains by even having contact with it, with our bodies.

The study has said:

“…the aluminum salts could be absorbed by our gut, and they may be contained in many of our tissues, including our bones, our brain and parathyroid. And how it affects our health in general, is way too vast for us, to even understand it, or be summarized.”

But it is very hard to prevent from the exposure to aluminum, we’re exposed every day, for example to baking powder, to cola cans and even to the vaccines.

If you are using aluminum foil, in your kitchen very often, try to avoid it sometime. Replace it for example with the non-stick cookware or the ceramic one, replace the covering, there are other ways.

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