Meet The Rainbow Finch – The Brillianty Multicoloured Bird (+8 Pics)

This is the most beautiful of all the finches, writes kingdomstv.

The Rainbow Finch, also known as the Gouldian Finch (Erythrura gouldiae), has a vibrant, multicoloured plumage.

Both the male and female have feathers of blue, purple, yellow, red, black, and green.

Their heads can be either yellow, red, or black.

As common among many bird species, the males have brighter coloring.

These little finches are native to the grasslands of Australia, but have also been imported into Europe.

The birds are very social creatures and love to interact with other finches. However, they are shy of humans and do not tolerate being handled.

Gouldian finches feed on insects, grass, and seeds.

Source: kingdomstv

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