Meet the parrot “Drácula”, which delights the Internet but is in serious danger

Nature never tires of surprising us with its incredible creations, and recently the Internet has been enchanted by the beauties of Psittrichas fulgidus, also known as “Pesquet’s parrot”, or “vulturine parrot”.


This is an extremely unique animal, which draws attention due to its exotic colors, which even earned it the nickname “Parrot Dracula” on the Internet. With contrasts in black and red, as well as a completely blackened beak, it’s not difficult to understand why the animal received this nickname. These birds, native to New Guinea, an island in the Pacific Ocean, can reach 45cm in length.

Unfortunately, because of its natural beauty and its rarity, the Parrot of Pesquet is heavily hunted and imprisoned in captivity for sale and illegal breeding. Because of this, its population has been decreasing more and more and reaching worrying levels.

Now, with the growing popularity of the animal, it is expected that greater care will be taken towards this species as beautiful as it is threatened.

Check out some lovely photos of the Parrot of Pesquet:



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