Meet The Cedar Waxwing – The Cute Bird Who Loves Berries More Than Anything (16 Pics)

Covered in a yellow, brown and grey plumage with a black and white eye mask and beak, this bird is not easy to miss.


In Summer, you are more likley to catch them making the most of their impressive aeronautical skills by hunting insects over the rivers.

Cedar waxwings stretch up to 7 inches long and weigh around 30g, making them smaller than most of their waxwing relatives

Cedar waxwings are technically songbirds, although they don’t actually have a song, instead they make a few call notes.

You are likley to hear a flock of them using their high-pitched whistle/trill together before you ever even see one.

These birds are one of few that can survive for several months on a diet of fruit alone.

Often, they will eat so much honeysuckle berries, that their tail feathers will change color from yellow to orange.

They sometimes even become intoxicated by eating an overripe berry that began to ferment into alcohol.

The females are the nest builders, taking up to 6 days and requiring up to 2,500 trips to collect materials needed.

Although some are known to cut corners by stealing materials from other nests already built by other bird species such as rabins and yellow warblers.

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