Meet Pompadour Cotinga, A Stunningly Beautiful Bird With Burgundy Plumage

The pompadour cotinga is an extraordinarily beautiful bird. It wears a charismatic burgundy coat that is hard to find in other birds. Wherever this bird appears, it comes into the spotlight.

As you can see, the whole body of this striking creature is covered with glossy, wine red, except for bright white wings, and yellow eyes.

Like many other bird species, male and female pompadour cotinga look different. While male birds have all the stunning features above, females are a pale grey color.

However, both sexes have a short beak and wide gape.

This bird can be found in the Amazonian rainforest. They distribute throughout the Amazon Basin, including Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas.

Pompadour cotinga’s main diet is fruits but they sometimes feed on insects.

When the mating season begins, male birds perform an elaborate dance to attract the females.

After finding mates, female cotingas build their nests, lay eggs and incubate them. They also feed the hatchlings until they are fully fledged. Noticeably, male birds didn’t join them in raising the chicks.

Watch the video of this bird below.

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H/T: Son Yaz

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