Man Finds Starving Dog On Deserted Island And Saves His Life

One day, a photographer named Wesley White was traveling to Belize for business purposes and was looking forward to a beautiful trip.

On day one of his trip, he took a kayak out to a small island in Thatch Caye, this is when he saw a starving dog walking around.

He was all skin and bones, yet he was still very friendly, “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his tail wagging,” Wesley told The Dodo.

Wesley called out in the hope of finding some people but there was nobody around, it was deserted, and the dog didn’t look like he had another day left.

So Wesley did the decent thing and put the dog in the kayak and took him back to the hotel to feed him.

Once he arrived back at the hotel, he called for help, and he certainly got it. Eventually, he got the dog fed and so he took him to the vet.

It was bittersweet for Wesley, as he was glad the dog got the help he needed but was sad that he had to leave Belize soon.

The vet did keep in contact with Wesley, the dog was recovering and was preparing to move to a foster home.

Two months into his foster-home stay, Wesley brought the dog a plane ticket so the pair could be reunited.

Wesley adopted him and named him Winston! Now he is happy in his new forever home, what a beautiful story!

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