Man Adopts Dog With Cancer So He Can Experience A ‘Unconditional Love’ In His Final Days

A man from Argentina gave a very sick dog the best possible farewell gift after he adopted him so that he could live out his final days with ‘unconditional love’.

thanos the dog tumour on head

The poor pup, whose name is Thanos, was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer, which rapidly spread to his head and caused a big tumor as you can see in the photos.

Sadly, Thanos had already been through four different families who all rejected him due to his cancer. But luckily, good samaritan Luciano Karosas welcomed the poor pup into his home during his final weeks of life.

Thanos had a cancerous tumor in his head

Thanos the dog, who had previously been called Coconut prior to his adoption by 21-year-old Luciano, had a cancerous tumor growing on his head and only had weeks left to live before being taken in by the kindhearted man.

Thanos, who was previously named Coconut before finally being adopted by the kindhearted Argentinian, only had a few weeks left due to the cancerous tumor growing in his head.

He was only given a few weeks left of life

thanos dog has tumour on head

The poor pup was living with a different family when he received the tragic diagnosis, unfortunately, when it became too difficult for them to take care of Thanos – after the disease had spread to his head – they felt like they had to give him up.

He was then taken in by several other families, however, they also felt at a loss with his condition and what it entailed and so Thanos was once again given to an animal shelter – where he met his final companion Luciano.

Luciano wanted to show him, unconditional love, during his final days on Earth.

When the 21-year-old decided to visit the shelter, he was immediately touched by the dog’s heartfelt story and decided there and then to take him in and to take him in and give him the most loving last few weeks possible. ‘I came out with a piece of my heart in my hand,’ he told Portal Amigo Cao

Luciano was determined to make Thanos’s last days special and felt responsible for the health and happiness of his new pet.

Initially, he didn’t want to accept there was nothing he could so he did everything in his power do to save the animal. In a final attempt to save his life, the 21-year-old took the dog to the vets in the hope that they might be able to operate.

He played with him just like he was a normal dog


Thanos and Luciano playing together
Thanos and Luciano playing together


“I found it hard to adapt to the idea of ​​how little time we will spend together. I took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do, looking for a little more hope (which had given him 40 days to live), and told me that there is no treatment that extends that time.”

The news was disappointing and nothing further could be done, Luciano simply decided the two would make what limited-time Thanos had left the most special time possible.

He pampered the dog as much as he could, with Thanos seeming happier than he has ever been, in the short time he was living with Luciano – even playing and snuggling like any other dog.

Unfortunately as expected, Thanos eventually succumbed to the terrible illness and he passed away a little while later. His adopted owner and overall good samaritan wished him a ‘good trip’ on social media and writing: ‘I will love you forever.’

Rest in peace, Thanos.

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