Lonely Baby Bear And Friendless Pup Found Each Other And Are Now Inseparable

Talullah the bear cub was New York’s Bailiwick Animal Park’s youngest resident

Most of the animals in the park were rescued, so that’s why there are so many of them without a family, Tallulah was no different.

The baby brown bear was abandoned for the first four months of her life before being transported to Bailiwick Animal Park.

There were many times when Tallulah tried to make friends with everyone she came across, but she was often unsuccessful.

The baby girl had nobody to turn to, this was until Kayden came into her life and their relationship blossomed right away.

Tallulah met Kayden when he was two years old. Kayden, the sanctuary’s sole canine resident, was in dire need of a playmate who was just as spirited and energetic as he was.

When the dog observed the baby bear playing on her own, he immediately realized that he had discovered exactly what he was looking for.

Aside from destroying Kayden’s squeaky toy, Tallulah showed no interest in any of Kayden’s favorite pastimes.

Just when Kayden was about to quit because he had run out of options, Tallulah showed him that things may be so much easier than he had anticipated.

Here’s the full video about their story:

The pair have been inseparable ever since and it looks like nothing can change their friendship.

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