Lazy Sun-Loving Hippo Floats Around While Getting A Tan (9 Pics)

This is the adorable moment a sun-loving hippo was pictured laying on its back, seemingly in an attempt to tan its bright pink belly.

The height of relaxation: The hippo was seen sunning its bright pink belly 

The hippo was lounging around in the water with its legs in the air while it was making the best of the good weather.

At first photographer Jackie Cilliers thought the animal was injured, but it later turned out to be chilling out in the water

52-year-old photographer Jackie Cilliers captured the bizarre scene at the Kruger National Park in South Africa while on holiday.

'It seemed to enjoy being upside down': The hippo was spotted in Kruger National Park in South Africa

Initially, Cilliers thought that the animal may be injured, but soon found out that it was just chilling out in the water while enjoying the sun.

The lazy hippo had company as he assumed his unusual pose, which had several people chuckling

“The images show the hippo pushing off his friend, rolling over, relaxing on his back, and yawning,” said Jackie.

Belly up: The upside down hippo makes the best of the warm weather as his companion takes a more conventional position in the water

“The hippo risked being attacked by its mate whom it kept pushing on to turn over.”

Photographer Jackie Cilliers was in a hide about 10 metres away when she captured the stunning images of the hippos

“At first I thought that it might be injured or ill, but it happened several times and remained stationary on its back for several minutes at a time.”

Playful pose: The hippo with its legs in the air as it floated on its back in the water at the Kruger National Park

“It seemed to enjoy being upside down. I was surprised and pleased with the images, as were the others in the hide, several people were chuckling at the antics.”

At first Jackie feared that the animal was injured, but he later appeared to just enjoy floating on his back

“What I love most is his pink tummy. I doubt I will ever see this again as it is the first time I or anyone I know has seen this.”

Fearsome: The common hippopotamus is the third-largest type of land mammal

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