Heartwarming moment wild horse saves young filly from drowning

This it was a wild stallion that stepped up and saved the day, when a young and unexperienced foal struggled to cross a river.
The moment unfolded at the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, and thankfully one of the rangers witnessed the scene and even caught it on camera, writes florentinesgrill

The dramatic scene was caught on in a series of heartwarming photos:

When the Park Service volunteer Becky Standridge spotted a group enjoying their meal on the Salt River’s banks, he immediately recognized them.
It was the famous Champ – a dominant stallion – with his large family.

That’s family

In was such a quiet sunny afternoon, when the peaceful atmosphere was suddenly interrupted by some noisy neighs coming from the other side of the river. Even though, the two groups of horses initially ignored each other, the fea.rless Champ eventually decided to cross the river and investigate.

Horses are amazing

Only the strong currents proved too fast and too strong for an unexperienced foal. Within seconds, the little one found herself [swa.llowed] by the [ra.pid] river and it seems she was facing a certain fate.
Fortunately, the strong Champ was there to save the day.

Horses have such a big soul love them

When noticing the young horse was really struggling to keep her head afloat, the massive stallion approached her and guided her to the right direction.

He took the [distre.ssed] foal under his wing and protected her until she reached the safety waters, and then eventually the banks on the other side of the river.

Great to know this happened and that the ranger was able to see what happened. Wonder if this was a foal from one of his mares.


Wonderful to see his rescue instinct…!
Thanks to his instincts!

Beautiful thing how nature takes care of each other if only mankind could follow in their footsteps!

Watch the video below:

Source: florentinesgrill.com

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