Dog Learned To Walk Step By Step And Overcame Swimmers Syndrome Wondrously

Swimmers Syndrome, also known as Flat-puppy Syndrome or Swimmer Puppy Syndrome is a rare condition in which the limbs of newborn dogs and cats are always splayed to the sides miserably. Animals born with Swimmers Syndrome of course can’t stand or walk, all they could do is just lying helplessly on their stomach. This birth defect is uncommon, but unfortunately, a Boston terrier named Mick is one of its victims.

Screenshot, Sue Rogers

Being unable to walk is just a part of the situation. Most animals with Swimmers Syndrome have a flattened chest, resulting in countless other health problems. Some even cannot live long.

Screenshot, Sue Rogers

The syndrome itself is brutal, but it’s not the end of the road. There’s still a chance if we pay attention to the occurrence soon enough and take full advantage of physical therapy properly.

So right after the breeders in Oklahoma found out something was wrong with Mick, they called the Mia Foundation in Rochester, New York – an organization specialized in helping animals born with birth defects like the poor terrier.

With the help of the Mia Foundation, the six-week-old pup underwent intense physical therapy for a few weeks. It took a lot of patience and love. He went through a total of four sessions per day, fifteen minutes each.

Screenshot, Sue Rogers
Screenshot, Sue Rogers

Luckily, the result was optimistic. Mick gradually learned to sit and stand, and then, finally, walk. The first steps were weak and awkward, but it was a miracle. He was stronger, he was more confident, and of course, he was happier.

Check out the whole harsh yet inspiring process in the video below:

After a few years passed by, Mick is so much different now. Looking at Mick at the moment, nobody could realize he was once a dog with such a horrible condition. He’s always joyful and energetic, and he loves running and playing.

Mick even owns his own Facebook page where he can share his lively moments with everyone else. Here’s one of them:

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