Dog is sadly hidden in a corner after being returned to an adoption shelter

Nowadays it is very common for dogs to be abandoned in shelters. Many people who have decided to adopt a pet later regret it and end up returning it, taking away all the illusion of being able to have a home for these defenseless living beings.

It is clear that people should not do this type of action, since they have to be consistent with the responsibility that this implies. In this Educational Pet post you will meet Iris, a dog that was adopted and returned to the shelter, the people who had made the decision to give her a home, returned her without giving much explanation.

The hard part is keeping the pet and providing it with a home .

When an animal arrives at the shelter, they usually suffer from many traumas due to the terrible situation they have experienced, for this reason some feel comfortable and others are very afraid of living and socializing with other animals.

This beautiful little dog did not want to be living in a shelter, most of the time she was hiding and scared, she was really very sad.

Iris is adopted and returned to the shelter.

Iris is a black and brown Doberman mix, she is spayed and a year and a half old. Unfortunately she suffers from a disease  called Dirofilariosis. It is a parasitic infestation, caused by a worm that affects your heart and lungs.

Once Iris was returned to the shelter, one of the volunteers began to notice that she spent most of her time asleep, she was very sad, even crying. She wanted to be with a family that would give her a lot of love and care.

Since his arrival he has not wanted to socialize with other puppies. Unfortunately it is not the first time that Iris has been abandoned, previously this dog and her sister arrived at the shelter, but shortly after a person adopted her. As the days passed she was returned, and for Iris these experiences have been very sad.

El Refugio decided to publish its story on social networks. The shelter managers added that Iris is sad because she misses her sister very much.

Iris in search of a definitive home.

Today, Iris finds herself in a very difficult situation. If you’d like to adopt this beautiful and loving pup, visit the Harris County Animal Shelter. You can also share her story with your family and friends. In this way, this sweet and tender dog will have a better chance of finding the ideal home, where she will no longer suffer.

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