Dog chained in backyard can’t believe he’s finally rescued

At present, the mistreatment of the most defenseless animals has grown alarmingly. In this Educational Pet post you will learn about the case of a puppy that was abandoned by its bad owners.

It all started when a man from Detroit arrived at his house, immediately realizing that someone had left a puppy in terrible conditions and chained to the side of his home. He immediately sought help from professionals to rescue that poor loin.

The man began to make some calls and finally the Animal Rebel Dogs Detroit association was the one who answered, and decided to take on the case. They sent volunteer Tiffany Perkins   to check on the puppy’s condition. This volunteer had no idea what she would find, but once she arrived at the address, she was very surprised.

They named the puppy Beaker.

Perkins arrived at the address and found a dog that was apparently very shy, even hiding from her.

“Beaker was so shy that he would hide in the back of the garage. When I started to call out to him, he looked around. As he approached me, his tail started wagging. He then pressed me to pet him and seemed visibly relieved.”

He was so excited they named him after Beaker!

Unfortunately Beaker was in chains. When Perkins looked at him, the puppy was very nervous, but when he realized that she was there to help him, he completely relaxed to the point of allowing himself to be touched and petted.

“When he removed the chain from the garage, he dropped to the ground to have his belly rubbed ,” Perkins said.

Beaker was rushed to the vet, as unfortunately the chain around his neck was becoming embedded. At that time the Veterinary doctor could not attend to them, so they waited more than 5 hours. During that time Perkins and Beaker got to know each other better and he received the affection and love that he could not have before.

“We spent a lot of bonding time in the car for over five hours waiting for her surgery to be scheduled in the OR. During that time, she just napped on my lap with her head in my hands.”

Beaker like any other dog, he just wanted a family that would take care of him and give him a lot of love. His little face reflected how happy his wish was coming true.

Finally Beaker underwent surgery, and apparently the surgery was a success. While he was in recovery, he was given the best of care. It seems that this puppy forgot everything bad that happened one day, since now he is the happiest dog. Thanks to people like Perkins and the Rebel Dogs Detroit Foundation, many dogs can have a second chance to live with dignity.

All the friends he has made at the shelter love him very much and make sure I have everything I need.

“He is really enjoying the life he has now in the shelter, he is really very happy,” Perkins said.

Once Beaker recovers, he will start looking for a forever home. Since he has already gotten used to living with the other dogs in the shelter, the ideal is for whoever adopts him to have another pet.

Now Beaker is safe and no one will ever put a chain on him to hurt him again.

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