Dog And Pig Best Friends ‘Timon And Pumbaa’ Will Stay Together Forever

An unfortunate circumstance could have threatened a lifelong friendship between a dog and a pig if  not for their kindhearted rescuers noticing their bond.

A Chihuahua named Timon and Pumbaa, a pig, ended up at the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) earlier in May after their owner was arrested. Thankfully, the owner’s arrest did not have anything to do with the animals, according to AHS. But it did leave the pair of friends homeless.



It quickly became apparent to AHS staff that Timon and Pumbaa shouldn’t be separated for the sake of finding them homes.


Arizona Humane Society / Facebook


“Immediately, AHS staff saw just how strong of a bond these two have, especially when Pumbaa is kind enough to allow Timon to hitch a ride on his back from time to time,” AHS said in a statement.


“Though it’s not always recommended that pigs and dogs live together, this unlikely duo loved to visit each other on occasion during their stay at AHS,” the animal shelter continued on Facebook, before adding, “They have since gone on to find new loving homes with our wonderful rescue partners at Better Piggies Rescue!”

AHS followed up with Better Piggies Rescue to ask how the pair were doing and the rescued commented on Facebook, “Thank you for calling us – they are doing sooo well.”

The rescue also shared an adorable photo of the pals at their new home.



Even though Pumba is 10 years old he will be getting neutered soon for his health. Better Piggies Rescue wrote, “Pumba is over 10 years old but still needs to be neutered to ensure a long and happy life.” (To support Better Piggies Rescue visit their website.)

Better Piggies Rescue said that Pumba has “made himself right at home in the front of the sanctuary” with the other pigs.  “He’s a natural greeter and I can’t wait for everyone to meet him when we start up tours in September,” says the group. “Plus he needs to be near his best friend, Timon, who we are working with to become a sanctuary dog.”


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