Dog abandoned on the road melts in the arms of his rescuer

Every day hundreds of puppies are abandoned on the dangerous roads. Once alone they have to start looking for food and water to survive, a very unfortunate situation.

In this Educational Pet post you will meet a dog that was cruelly abandoned on the side of the road, and without a doubt she was very hurt by what they had thrown at her.

Despite the distrust he had of humans, even inside he had his instinct to seek help and let himself be caressed.

Georgiana Neagu is an animal rescuer, and recently shared some images on social networks where she found a puppy that had been abandoned on the road. She found it when she was driving in Romania.

When rescuer Georgiana parked her car, the puppy ran scared to her side. It is seen that the puppy was very afraid, because he even cried when he approached. Something that undoubtedly marked him was when they abandoned him and perhaps that made him mistrust humans.

“The puppy was afraid, but also the need to trust someone”

Neagu immediately took the pup to safety, and slowly began to gain confidence.

It may not be clear how the dog got onto the dangerous roads. But one thing is clear, his future is brighter than ever.

“‘Her name is Paula,’ Neagu said. “‘She stays with me until she finds a home. She is about eleven months old and she is a charm, she is a love.

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