Dog Abandoned By His Family Finds A New Home At The Fire Station

Numerous animals are abandoned by their owners; this is the tragic story of Ashley, a sweet pit bull dog who found a new home in a New York City fire station.

Erica Mahnken, co-founder of No More Pain Rescue, and her fiancé, Michael Favor, received a call alerting them to the situation: a dog had been abandoned by her family at a property.

They arrived at the place and discovered that there was no electricity or heat, which meant that the young dog was doomed.

Ashley’s family was left to perish as a result of a city-wide snowfall.

Erika and her boyfriend wanted to get Ashley to a warm location as quickly as possible, and they knew someone at the New York City Fire Department’s Fort Pitt station. Erika called the fire station and asked if they could keep Ashley while they looked for a suitable location for her, and they agreed.

When they arrived at the apartment to rescue the puppy, they couldn’t stop staring.

According to Erika, The Dodo:

“I received a call reporting that a couple was residing in an abandoned house. They lacked heating and electricity and had a dog, so I’m presuming they went in search of a warm place to stay and left the dog behind.”

When she arrived, the lady was waiting in her car, while her boyfriend walked into the house in search of Ashley; the place was a mess.

Erika observed:

“We rushed to grab it as soon as we received the phone call; the house was without power and it was rather cold. She was hungry and thirsty. The house was in disarray. The windows were destroyed, and excrement was strewn about.”

Ashley, fortunately, was still alive and well when Favor arrived.

Erika recounts the incident, stating:

“She dashed forward, ecstatic, and hopped directly into my car.”

Ashley also had cigarette burns on the crown of her head, and the dog was severely malnourished.

Erika went on to say:

“All that was visible were her ribs – the vet estimated she weighed less than 25 pounds.”

When they arrived at the fire station, Ashley was ecstatic; she immediately began wagging her tail and kissing all of the firefighters.

Erika asserts:

“As soon as she stepped inside the fire station, her tail dancing and licking and greeting everyone, she was thrilled. That is not what one would expect from the source. You might expect her to be nervous, but she wasn’t.”

Within a few days of Ashley’s birth, the firemen called Erika and expressed their desire to adopt her.

Erika claims:

“‘We’re going to adopt her,’ they announced. We are head over heels in love with her. So I was overjoyed, and I knew she belonged as soon as I drove her there.”

Ashley was adopted by the fire station and her life has taken a complete 180 degree turn since then; she couldn’t be more fortunate.

She is adored by the firefighters and enjoys running and playing throughout the station.

Erika went on to say:

“I’m so glad I took her to a family who will show her nothing but love and will not quickly turn her into the pit bull that people despise; it was an incredible feeling to know she belonged there.”

Ashley may usually be found in the kitchen, where she adores eating. Additionally, she enjoys short runs with her seasonal friends and has a spot in the fire truck.

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