Critically Endangered Blue-Eyed Lemur Is Born At Florida Zoo

A zoo in Florida welcomes the birth of an adorable blue-eyed black lemur, one of the world’s most critically endangered primates.

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Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

Announced on Facebook by the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, the primate is said to be the second-ever blue-eyed black lemur to be born at the facility.

The lemur will stay in a private area to be cared for by its parents until it is old enough to integrate with the other lemurs in the group.

Other than humans, this special species of lemur are the only primates in the world to have blue eyes.

May be an image of animal
Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

While the baby currently appears to have brown fur, as it matures, the color of the fire will darken and eventually turn black.

This species of lemur are absolutely tiny, and will likely only ever grow to weigh around five pounds.

Native to northwestern Madagascar, this special species’ wild population is estimated to be less than 1,000, therefore this birth is vital for their survival.

The center, wrote on Facebook that “every birth of this species is critical to their long-term sustainability,” wrote the zoo on Facebook.

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