Covered In A Glittering Coat Of Lemon- Yellow Scales Flecked With Black

A very striking unmistakable beautiful bird that is unfortunately right on the edge of being critically endangered.

The regent honeyeater (Anthochaera phrygia), is a critically endangered bird endemic to southeastern Australia. These birds have a blackhead, neck, and upper breast with a lemon yellow breast scaled with black. The belly is also flecked with lemon grading into a white rump. They have black wings with yellow patches along with a black tail edged with yellow. In males, there is a dark eye surrounded by yellowish wary bare skin. 

The female of this species is smaller than the male with a bare yellowish patch under the eye instead of a ring. They also have less black on the throat.

In its few remaining areas these birds feed primarily on nectar from eucalyptus, and mistletoe tree species as well as native and cultivated fruit. To a lesser extent, they eat a variety of insects.

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